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You Are Limitless

Transformational coaching, online yoga, meditation programs, and community circles for awakening women.
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Hello amazing woman,


Do you feel like you are awakening to a higher level of consciousness?

Would you like to bring more "sacred" back into your relationships?  


You are here on this planet to serve your true purpose with wisdom, compassion and most of all  Love.  Now is your time!


You are the one you have been waiting for.  

You are a limitless being, all the wisdom is within you.

I am passionate about supporting growth oriented women, business leaders, light workers, and change makers who are READY to live their life from the inside out.


What holds you back? 

Women today are juggling a lot, we now make up more than half the workforce in the US, we make most of the purchasing decisions, and are BUSY often putting the needs of others ahead of our own.  We often feel overwhelmed, like we are not "good enough" or speak to ourselves like a harsh critic instead of our own best friend.  Research shows that women are less happy now than a generation ago, why is this? 

The truth is that our power is limitless, and is generated by inner resources that are rarely seen or cultivated in our old limited societal consciousness.  We may be telling ourselves lies about our "limitations" that diminish our true identity and ability to become who we are meant to be in this world.  This is not our fault, but it is our responsibility to let go of the "stories" that keep us down.  The truth is that there is a new level of consciousness available to you NOW!  This requires that you are committed to letting go of who you think you are, developing faith in your higher Self, and listening to your Intuition.  ​


It is time to claim your authentic Limitless power, as the leader and artist of  your life as defined by your higher Self , not the shadow culture.... 

Are you ready to commit to yourself on a deeper level?


Customized Coaching

My direct, honest and customized approach is about supporting you in releasing layers of negative patterning, so you can BE your higher Self.  I act as a collaborative partner supporting you in owning your passions and true power, while living your own unique vision & inner revolution! 


I hold a safe and nurturing space for your self generated transformation.  I reflect back to you the desires of your Soul, so you can BE the powerful creator of a conscious and liberated life beyond your wildest dreams!  Coaching starts by creating a place of peace for us to deeply listen to your Soul.

Mantra Meditation Training

Awaken your limitless Self with meditation practice.  Raising consciousness requires us to quiet our compulsive thinking mind.  Now is the time to awaken to who you really are, from the inside out!  You are a creative and infinate being who can partner with the Universe to consciously create your life beyond your percieved limitations. 

Create Spiritual Partnership 

Are you ready to redefine what you really want to experience in a relationship?  We begin to magnetize spiritual romantic partnership when we show up as our authentic Self with an open giving heart, being aware we are attracting at a higher level in all areas of life.  

Shakti Tribe Goddess Circle

Have you been seeking a community of powerful like-minded women?  Are you ready to show up as your version of your Limitless Self?  Would you  like to experience the Universe as a creative partner?  If so, I invite you to check out our "Shakti Tribe Goddess Circle" online gatherings. 

Hi, I'm Staci

Thanks for visiting!

I have served as a Life and heart liberation Coach/CPC for over 20 years, my focus is to facilitate deeper connections.  I am an Intuitive healer,  spiritual guide, relationship specialist, Neo Feminist leader, and yoga teacher.  I LOVE to create safe spaces for women to embody more of the their innate divine light!  Currently, I am experiencing an inner awakening, and know that many other women are feeling the same.  I feel that NOW is the time for us to BE who we are meant to BE, so we can fully contribute to the positive evolution of humanity! 

I support women all over the world to raise their vibe by manifesting their "Limitless Self"-as defined by them.  To me "Limitless" is not about mindset, it is about raising consciousness with the transformational energy of Self-love.  I act as your positive partner, ally, and confident to support you in being the highest version of your true Self. I offer customized coaching and yoga energy practices designed to raise your frequency or “vibe”. 

I inspire women to trust their inner resources with wisdom and compassion.  It is clear that now is the time for powerful women to show up, speak up, and embody our highest potential! 


My holistic Eastern Yoga meets Western Life Coaching approach honors the fact that the wisdom within you, and nothing outside of you will ever give you a true sense of Self. I act as your ally, success partner, and guide to walk with you on your unique and sacred journey towards Self Sovereignty. 


If this resonates with you, I invite you to be courageous and contact me for a complimentary 30 minute Discovery session.  This is an opportunity for you to learn more about Life Coaching, and we can see if working together is a good fit. 

In love, 


Staci supported me in becoming "The One" responsible for providing myself the undivided attention, deep listening, and the warm compassionate space that I craved, and unconsciously expected men to give me.  She helped identify & speak my feelings, validate my heart's longings, and give them room to grow.  She taught me how I can use my energy to be a woman of value.  Now I find the more I nourish and treat my self as PRECIOUS, the more I feel peaceful, and complete. Thank you Staci, for helping me step into my true Power and Beauty! 


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"We are incarnated at this time and place for a reason. 

For many of us, our highest purpose has yet to be revealed, yet it is eternally present within our hearts."